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Agricultural Tours

Agricultural Tour Operators International (ATOI) is an association of professional tour operators specializing in agriculture tourism. ATOI members, coupled with their knowledge and understanding of the agriculture industry, are in a unique position to design and develop tour products that are tailor-made to clients’ specific interests.

A tour will give you opportunities to meet farmers and people working within the agricultural world in another country than your own. It may include small-scale family farms, large-scale commercial farms/ranches; and specific commodity interests such as crops or livestock, dairy, forestry, fruit, vegetables, and horticulture, along with conferences and events in the agribusiness sector.

Even more - you travel together with friends with the same interest with whom you can discuss and exhange your knowledge.

Look for the ATOI logo as the mark signifying quality agricultural tour products.

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Konya Agriculture 2019 in Turkey Konya Agriculture 2019 in Turkey Event Date: 19th Mar 2019 - 23rd Mar 2019 AGRICULTURAL MECHANIZATION AND TECHNOLOGIES Tractors, Trailers, Planting Machinery, Harvesting Machinery, Threshing Machinery, Fertilizing Machinery, Seeding Machinery, Ploughs, Drills, Holders, Sprayers, Harrows, Cauldrons, Shading Systems, Beet Harvesting Machinery, Pneumatic Systems, Bale Machinery, Rakes, Hoes, Silage Equipment, Compressors, Cultivators, Cutters, Conveyors, Flair Shredders, Seed Cleaning Machines, Branch Choppers, Pruning Machinery, Peeling Machinery, Agricultural Driers, Cotton Pickers, Agriculture Technologies, Processing Technologies, Cranes, Olive Vibrators And Pickers , Gardening Equipment, Viniculture Equipment TRACTOR AND AGRICULTURAL MECHANIZATION SIDE INDUSTRY Tractor Spare Parts, Agricultural Machinery Spare Parts, Rims And Tyres, Gear Industry, Tractor Cabins, Shaft And Shaft Couplings OTHER AGRICULTURAL EQUIPMENTS AND SERVICES Hand Tools, Generators, Packaging Agricultural Services, Agricultural Banking, Agricultural Insurance, Press And Publications, Public Institutions, Agricultural Cooperatives, Trade Organisations, Agricultural Consultancy, Agricultural It Products AGRICULTURAL SERVICES Agricultural Banking, Agricultural Insurance, Press and Publicatıons, Public Institutions, Agricultural Cooperatives,  Trade Organizations, Agricultural Consultancy, Agricultural It Products A total of 402 company and company representatives have participated in the 15th International Agriculture, Agricultural Mechanization and Field Technologies Fair from 17 countries Read more
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