Beef Australia 2024

Event Date: 5th May 2024 - 11th May 2024
Official Contact: [email protected]

This Australian triennial event, held in Rockhampton, Queensland, is one of the world’s great beef cattle expos. It is a celebration of all facets of the Australian beef industry.

Why should your clients attend?

  • The event will facilitate new trade and export opportunities through exposing the local supply chain to international industry leaders and offer fantastic networking prospects
  • More than 5,000 cattle from over 30 breeds will be featured
  • The trade fair showcases more than 500 businesses
  • A symposium, seminars and property tours will deliver new research to cattle producers and those involved with the beef cattle industry
  • Restaurants, celebrity chefs and cooking demonstrations will offer the chance to appreciate the quality and flavour of Australian beef

Quadrant Australia has been the official tour operator for every one of the Beef Expos since the inaugural event in 1988. Offering pre and post tours and also bespoke group tours – further information can be found on our website.

All international passengers on tours with Quadrant Australia will receive free entry into the Beef 2024 event. They will also be registered for the Beef Australia International Program. The program aims to promote the Australian beef industry and facilitate international trade.

What your clients can expect:

  • Australia’s premier national stud and commercial cattle competitions
  • Networking with key beef industry personnel from across the globe
  • Join the conversation on sustainability, climate change and trade issues
  • Facilitated trade meetings
  • Extensive beef cattle station tours
  • Participate in an educational seminar program
  • Updates on the latest in agricultural technology
  • Taste and eat some of Australia’s best beef

Please contact us with your individual or group requirements for this event:  [email protected]