Date Posted: 18th Jun 2019

Turkey has made 18 million 58 thousand dollars in fresh fruit and vegetable exports last year via Turkish Cargo.

According to information compiled from the data of Aegean Exporters' Associations (EIB) by Anatolian Agency (AA) correspondent, 2 billion 325 million dollars in fresh fruit and vegetable exports realized from Turkey.

In May 2017, Turkish Cargo Company, Turkish Cargo, was instrumental in the increase in fresh fruit and vegetable exports in terms of "special discounts and flying to new destinations". In 2017, when the agreement was reached, fresh fruits and vegetables worth 10 million 522 thousand dollars were transported by air for 6 thousand 215 tons of products.

Last year, 6 thousand 691 tons of air cargo fresh fruit and vegetable exports made on the basis of value compared to the previous year increased by 71 percent and 18 million 58 thousand dollars revenue was provided.

The maximum amount of fruit and vegetable exports by air was 3 million 202 thousand dollars to Hong Kong. This country was followed by Norway with 2 million 229 thousand dollars and Singapore with 1 million 344 thousand dollars.

Mushroom was exported for 21 dollars per kilogram by air cargo...

Fresh fruit and vegetable exports by air in the first place with 6 million 502 thousand dollars took the cherry. Cherry exports were followed by mushrooms. Export of mushroom brands by air, such as lambs, dwarf girls, truffles, amounted 201 906 kilograms as products and 4 million 328 thousand dollars in foreign exchange was provided. Thus, the export price of mushrooms per kilogram was recorded as about 21 dollars.

After the mushroom figs came with 2 million 387 thousand dollars.

Target 20 million dollars...

Aegean Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Exporters Association President Hayrettin Uçak told AA correspondent, this year due to seasonal conditions summer fruits matured late.

Expressing that they started fast with cherry export season, they will continue to work with producers and exporters to contribute to overall exports, he stated.

Uçak said that air cargo is an important opportunity for exporters who want to introduce their products to the market fast and added, "Our exporters are accustomed gradually to export by air. This year we aim to increase the figure of 18 million to 20 million dollars. Besides we are planning to export 10 per cent of fresh fruit and vegetable by air cargo in the coming years."