Pisco: Our Flag Drink

Date Posted: 26th Dec 2019

The name of our distilled flag derives from the port and valley called Pisco, located in the south of our country. Pisco also evokes the great diversity of birds of the south, among which are the parihuanas, the huerequeque, the tendril and the condor, because the word PISCO comes from the Quechua term Pisccu which means, bird.

Our Pisco is a distillate of grapes whose fragrance and aroma is unique and incomparable. Its flavor is distinguished from any other distillate due to the use of the “pisqueras grapes” of Peru, which came to be used in winemaking and is classified into two large groups:

  • Non aromatic: Quebranta, Mollar, Negra Criolla and Uvina.
  • Aromatic: Italy, Muscat, Torontel and Albilla.

Pisco Properties:

  1. Natural antioxidant, a great value attributed to Pisco is the protective action of blood vessels. This is due to the high antioxidant content that this artisanal drink contains. Its components reinforce the body’s defenses and the immune system. The flavonoids contained in the grapes help prevent cancer and prevent blood clots and arteriosclerosis.
  2. Our emblematic drink stands out for its diuretic and purifying value of the organism, so it is used to combat chronic processes related to kidney, heart disease, among others. It is prepared with grapes, a fruit that works as a great protector against cardiovascular diseases.
  3. Another direct benefit is resveratrol, a substance that makes up the meat of the grape, which stops skin aging, acting on the proteins in the cells of the tissues responsible for accelerating this process.