Egypt is situated on the Mediterranean in Africa and partly Asia. It has a unique history of 7000 years of farming as well as very interesting present day’s developments. The Nile River flows along the narrow green banks in the south getting wider the further north it comes. North of Cairo there are today 3 branches of the Nile making its way towards the Mediterranean and between them is the Nile Delta, up to 240 km wide. Although Egypt was the famous granary of historic times, the actual total fertile land of today’s Egypt is only 3 % (of 1 Million km2), the rest being under arid and hyper arid climatic conditions. 85 % of the population of 90 million live in the Nile river valley and in the delta. The agricultural Nile Valley was the main reason for the fantastic Pharaonic culture to develop that lasted for more than 3000 years. Egypt is famous for its all year sunshine, outstanding historical monuments, beautiful beaches and fascinating desert and it should definitely be on everyone’s bucket list. Pyramids, Tutankhamen’s treasures and enormous temples are only a few of the things that must be seen at least once in a life time. Among the farming attractions you will find for instance that; Egypt is growing a large amount of the world’s potatoes (and seedlings), ingredients for perfume oil and medical plants. You may visit very large dairy farms, wineries, large commercial vegetable farms both organic and not, as well as traditional small scale family farms. Reclaimed deserts and delta, manmade canals and valleys – all can be added to your tour.

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Cairo, 11341, Egypt