Cape AgriTours

Cape AgriTours comes highly recommended as the specialist tour operator in agriculture and science in South Africa. We are specialists, with research and technical experience in agriculture and agricultural tourism and more specifically the wine industry. The company is well positioned to plan, arrange and conduct your specialised educational or study tour to the land of the rainbow nation.

There is a saying adapt or die! Hard words, but oh so true. Over the years we have expanded our focus well outside of wine, grapes and fruit, and animal husbandry, cropping (mainly grain products), sugar and forestry have become very important fields of operation. Because of the extended drought Southern Africa has experienced, a very special and unique interest has been developed in irrigation and irrigation system maintenance and management.

Today, leisure trips, with a focus on specifically golf and family holidays, are equally important in our existance.


Eugene & Nelie Booysen, 5 Kiewiet Street, Stellenbosch, South Africa

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