Tananzia was formerly part of German East Africa until after the 1st World war when it became a British Colony up until 1961 when she gained Independence.  At the time the ruling Government nationalized most the farms and took them away from European owners.

However, in the past 20 years the Government has subsequently encouraged foreign investment and large scale commercial production are now operational.  The country are now exporters of Coffee, cut flowers, horticulture, tobacco, tea, sisal and cotton. Beef is farmed for local consumption   However, the majority of the farmers in Tanzania are small scale. Agriculture now  accounts for 30% of Tanzania’s GDP

Tanzania is a great place to visit combining  agricultural farm visits with  the Ngorongoro Crater or Serengeti National Park which are renowned for the wildebeest migration and fantastic game viewing experiences.  Once can also spend a few days at the end of their agricultural tour and safari relaxing on the beaches of Zanzibar Island.

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