Indian Agriculture began by 9000 BC an amazing Nation with Double Monsoon leads with two harvesting year. India also World largest democracy with 1.2 billion people and 65 % population below 35 years age. Largest arable land in world – 183 ha. Agriculture is primary source of livelihood for about 58 % of Indias population. India is an agricultural nation and the Government of India has initiated a number of steps to boost its important agricultural sector. It has been able to establish its presence in the world market through updated techniques and farming methods, latest technologies, packing and transporting systems. India host various agriculture and farm events, exhibitions and conferences helping farmers and industry grow strategically. Today India is 4th largest economy in terms of PPP (purchase power parity), with GDP growing at 7.5% - 09% rate. GDP of agriculture was recorded at USD 244.74 billion in FY 16. India is a subcontinent of diversity, resilience, accommodation, benevolence, compassion, peace, opportunity and potential. India is home to many wonders including the Taj Mahal, the magnificence of Hindu, Islamic and Buddhist architecture, massive forts, marbled palaces, the mighty peaks of the Himalayas, countless miles of beaches and ornate temples of many faiths. Come and see the Goldmine!

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