InConventus Group

InConventus is a learning experience company that shares ideas and teachings by the best experts in agriculture and more. 

Through our education platforms, agricultural study trips, online academies, and both digital and live events e.g. local and international conferences, congresses, forums and farm days, we give people access to transformational knowledge to empower them to kickstart their personal growth, business development and lead extraordinary lives. We are a Poland-based Meeting, Destination and Association Management Company (PCO, DMC & AMC) with the affiliate departmetns in Ukraine (Lviv) and Georgia (Tbilisi).

As Deloitte noted in their 2019 report, “core” countries in the region of Central and Eastern Europe (CEE) such as Poland, Hungary, the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Romania are “growing faster than any region in the world with the exception of Asia Pacific”.

For foreign investors with higher risk appetite, countries beyond that core and outside the EU, including Ukraine and south-east Europe, are starting to recover from recession or weaker growth in recent years.

Tourists, in turn, are enchanted by Polish hospitality and friendliness, Poland’s cultural heritage and the country’s natural landscape.

World class concerns often choose CEE as an investment destination in Europe. According to Bloomberg Rankings of CEE countries is the best for business.


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