agroverde gmbh

agroverde gmbh was founded by Hans-Peter Brandenburger as an exchange organization in fall 2002. In 2009 our son Stefan joined the company and we grew continuosly. Now we are 4 full-time workers in the office and have an outbound and an inbound program for agricultural internships. Since 2003 we also organized agricultural tours and we performed them successfully. We were with groups in Ireland, Germany, Austria, New Zealand, South Africa, Ecuador, USA, France, Vietnam, Thailand, South Korea, Canada, Brazil, Spain, Rumania and many other countries. 3 years ago we joined ATOI and work with different partners together.

Switzerland is a very nice country with a lot of culture and agriculture. It is a country with beautiful landscaping, mountains, lakes and activities. Switzerland is a multicultural and multilingual country. This is due to its geographic location in the middle of three major European culture - France, Italy and the German speaking Europe. We can offer a lot of different tours within a very modern agriculture, bio diversity and a lot of different cultural events. We have also a lot of farmers who do direct marketing and organic farming and have many specialities. 

agroverde organizes tours in Switzerland for small and large groups. If you want to includ some visits close to our boarders to Germany, Italy, France and Austria, we are able to work together with our ATOI partners. There are so many opportunies in the heart of Europe.


Egelseestrasse 2, 8962 Bergdietikon, Switzerland

Tel: 0041 43 343 22 00