RealTOURS is a company which is involved in agricultural and incentive tours. It has been founded in 2005 to fulfill the needs of tourist, business and academic visitors by offering them destinations which have been unknown beforehand – Ukraine, Kazakhstan and Georgia.

Working with our partners, we take on the burden of arranging the tailor-made program and itinerary for agri and food trade companies, crop farming, livestock farming, organic farming, agri and food trade companies, food processing, agritech market, etc

Why Ukraine?

  • 70% of territory is covered by the agricultural sector;
  • 33% of the world’s black soil;
  • 381 000 ha of certified organic lands; 
  • #1 sunflower oil exporter; #2 grain exporter and #3 corn exporter globally;
  • the largest dairy farm, keeping 4,500 dairy cows is located in Ukraine. 

Why Kazakhsatan?

Kazakhstan is a large agricultural country with 74% of arable land. The large agricultural sector is focused on livestock, importing more than 3,000 heads of American Bloch Angus and Hereford cattle; grain, being the fifth largest exporter globally and cotton production. 

Why Georgia?

Over 22 micro-climates, a wide range of grain, vegetables, hard and soft fruits, meat and dairy could be produced. Traditionally Georgia has strengths in wine, nuts, fruits which account for ~60% of agricultural exports. Average farm size in Georgia is 1.55 ha and most of local farmers produce products on open-fields


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