Inhabited for more than 42,000 years by indigenous Australians, this incredible continent is now home to a huge variety of people from many nationalities. Our farmers are amongst the world’s best and are the custodians of a vast expanse of the landmass of Australia, so agriculture plays a vital role in contributing to the social, economic and environmental sustainability of the country. There are over 135,000 farms in Australia, where the focus is on, but is certainly not limited to, the production of one or more of the following major commodities: beef, chicken, cotton, dairy, dried fruits, forestry, grains & oilseeds, pork, rice, sheep meat, sugar and wool. Other commodities which may be of interest include: fresh fruits & vegetables, goats, nuts, hay & silage, eggs, cut flowers, freshwater aquaculture (fish & crustaceans) and apiculture (bees).

The production of these premium agricultural products is continually advancing through the integration of science and technology in management practices. The Australian Rural Research and Development Corporations collectively invest about $600 million a year into research and development, so we have some exciting advances in our agricultural management to showcase.

In addition to the world class farms and farming practices, we would also like to show you some of Australia’s famous landmarks, such as the Sydney Opera House, the world's largest coral reef (the Great Barrier Reef), Lake Argyle, Uluru and the famous Outback, the rainforests, the beaches, Australia's many successful vineyards, scenic National Parks and picturesque islands such as Fraser Island. There are so many unforgettable places and plenty of unique wildlife and flora to show you. 

We look forward to welcoming you in Australia soon!

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