International Agricultural Exhibition “Ką pasėsi... 2022”

Event Date: 31st Mar 2022 - 2nd Apr 2022

"Ką pasėsi..." is known as a constantly growing and reviving international agricultural exhibition, held since spring 1996. It is the largest exhibition for agro-industry innovations in the Baltic States.

Yearly agricultural exhibitions held at the Agricultural Academy have become a traditional celebration of farmers' knowledge.

The Academy becomes a centre for the dissemination of knowledge and innovation to tens of thousands of farmers and agribusiness representatives.

Some come to present innovations in agriculture and share their knowledge, others – to get acquainted with the new technologies displayed at the exhibition, participate in the events of the exhibition's educational program or consult with specialists in the field.

Usually, about 300 companies, organizations and about 300 small traders from Lithuania and abroad participate in "Ką pasėsi...".

Over three days, the exhibition is visited by around 70,000 visitors.

The theme of the exhibition:

  • agricultural technics;
  • crop processing and storage equipment;
  • plant growing, gardening, horticulture;
  • products and equipment for livestock, poultry and pisciculture;
  • forestry and municipal technics;
  • construction, water management, heat management and pest prevention;
  • gardening equipment;
  • spare parts, tires, lubricants, tanks, tools, work clothes;
  • digital technologies for agriculture;
  • agricultural science, consulting services, specialized publications;
  • insurance and other financial services for agriculture;
  • SUVs and special vehicles for agriculture;