Ulpia Tours Ltd. is a licensed inbound tour operator for special-interest trips and tailor-made tours in Bulgaria and the Balkans. Since our foundation in 2005 we have been successfully organizing professional agricultural tours on various topics and itineraries. 

With a personal approach and the esteemed assistance of our trusted local partners we have realized a number of multi-country Balkan tours, including Romania, North Macedonia, Serbia, Greece, Albania, Kosovo and Turkiye.  


Bulgaria is blessed with favourable geographical location, involving four distinctive seasons, lavish nature resources, fertile soils and diverse landscape of valleys, hills, rivers, high mountains and the Black Sea. Their combination creates perfect conditions for the development of a great variety of farming and animal breeding activities: 

  • Arable-processing, cereal-growing and seeds-cultivation 

Cereals have been grown on our lands since ancient times - therefore the bread has a special place in all our traditions. Nowadays Bulgaria is the second largest exporter of cereals on the Balkans. 
Main crops: wheat, sunflower, maze, barley, rye, etc.

  •  Animal-breeding, milk & meat production

The Bulgarians have always been proud with their flocks of sheep and herds of cattle, as well as with the production of yoghurt - emblematic for Bulgaria. The traditions in animal-breeding and food production are still kept in some small family bio farms, while the needs of the growing demand are satisfied by a number of modern animal-breeding complexes with closed cycle of production. 
Main animals: sheep, cows, pigs, poultry, buffalos, horses, goats.  

  • Fruits and vegetables

Tomato, cucumbers, peppers, potatoes, carrots, eggplants and many more veggies are grown on the fields and in greenhouses. The two large valleys (Danubian and Thracian) host a number of small and large orchards of plums, apples, pears, peaches and apricots, while the foot of the Balkan mountain abounds in wild-growing and cultivated berries.

  •  Wine and spirit

The love of the wine has been anchored in the Bulgarian folklore since Thracian times and that is why excellent wines are still produced in five distinctive-in-taste wine-producing regions.
Every event, holiday, gathering or celebration on the Balkans goes along with the local traditional spirit drink – “rakija”. It is usually made of grapes, but extremely tasteful are also the fruit variations of apricot, plum, pear and quince. 

  •  Roses and lavender

“The liquid gold” – that is how we call the rose oil and it is not by chance. Bulgaria is among the top leading producers of rose oil in the world. Moreover, Bulgaria is the world leader in growing of lavender and production of lavender oil. From mid May till mid June, the so called “Valley of Roses” is filled with the lovely rose scent, while only a few days later the region bursts in purple and spreads the resting aroma of lavender.


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