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Since 2005 our agency has been organizing different agricultural tours in Romania for foreign associations, cooperatives, companies and universities. All tours are tailor-made according to the client’s specific needs, and can include the following fields:
• Plant production 
• Animal breeding    
• Food industry
• Forestry 
• Visits at Agricultural Trade Shows and Exhibitions 
• Meetings with students and university teachers and with administrators of protected areas and national parks.

Agriculture has traditionally been the backbone of the Romanian economy; Romania used to be called “the granary of Europe” and it’s slowly getting back its name. More than one-third of the land is devoted to cultivation (including vineyards, orchards, and vegetable gardens).

The climate and the extensive Romanian plains are most favourable to the development of cereal crops. Wheat and corn (maize) are most important, followed by barley, rye, and oats while vegetables and legumes, peas, beans, and lentils are planted on relatively small plots.

Livestock raising has a very long history in Romania. About half the cattle are raised for beef, which is an important export commodity. Dairy products are also an important component of Romanian agriculture, as are wool, eggs, and honey.

Besides that, Romania can be counted among the main wine-producing countries of Europe. It specializes in the production of high-quality wines, using modern methods; with the growth of the tourist trade, its wines are becoming known to, and appreciated by, a larger international public.

The Port of Constanta is the largest on the Black Sea and the 17th largest in Europe. It is both a river and a maritime port and its importance is emphasized by the connection with two Pan-European transport corridors: IV (high speed railway & highway) and the Pan-European Corridor VII (Danube). In the late years it has been one of the most important European ports for cereal trade.

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