South Africa

World-class infrastructure, counter-seasonality to Europe, vast biodiversity and marine resources, and competitive input costs make South Africa a major player on the world's markets. The charm of South Africa lies in its diversity and agricultural activities range from intensive crop production and mixed farming to cattle ranching and sheep farming. Maize, wheat, sugar cane and sunflowers are grown and citrus, deciduous fruits, wines and flowers are exported. South Africa is not only self-sufficient in virtually all major agricultural products, but it is also one of few countries that exports to Europe, the Americas and Australasia and satisfies the needs of its African neighbours. Little wonder then, South Africa is known as the gateway to Africa the first port of call en route to Namibia, Botswana, Zimbabwe, Malawi, Mozambique and the Indian Ocean Islands. Add to this spectacular scenery and wildlife and the world-renowned hospitality of its farming families South Africa truly is a world in one country!

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